A searchable database of coding projects with timeline estimates* and assigned mentors

ED448 for OpenSSH 30 Dec 2017

Implement ED448 for OpenSSH

Add additional MODP key exchange groups for SSH 20 Nov 2017

Add group16 and group18 to DH list of key exchanges.

CalDAV Managed Attachments 16 Oct 2017

This specification defines an extension to the calendar access protocol (CalDAV) to allow attachments associated with iCalendar data to be stored and managed on the server.

ESP Header Compression (EHC) and Diet-ESP 18 Aug 2017

ESP Header Compression (EHC) defines a flexible framework to compress communications protected with IPsec/ESP. Compression and decompression is defined by EHC Rules orchestrated by EHC Strategies. The project consists in implementing the Diet-ESP EHC Strategy and associated EHC Rules. Diet-ESP compresses up to 32 bytes per packet for traditional IPv6 VPN and up to 66 bytes for IPv6 VPN set over a single TCP or UDP session. We are looking at implementing EHC on various platform, contiki, riot, linux

Secure Transport for PCEP 20 Dec 2016

The Path Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCEP) defines the mechanisms for the communication between a Path Computation
Client (PCC) and a Path Computation Element (PCE), or among PCEs. The "Secure Transport for PCEP" describes the usage of Transport Layer Security (TLS) to enhance PCEP security,

Open Source Netphony PCE

Netphony PCE is an Open Source Java based implementation of a Path Computation Element (PCE), including a domain PCE and a parent PCE. There is also an open source Path Computation client (PCC).

*Estimates are not necessarily accurate and should be assessed by those looking to match to a project as coding ability and familiarity with protocols vary.